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Necro-punk, misanthrope & masked directly from Birmingham. This is my friends This British young band has a sound very similar to an outbreak of wrath became music, let see what tell us Misery one of its cryptic members.

C: Was absolutely necessary the disbanded of MISTRESS for the total Solidified of FUKPIG?
Misery: We finished Mistress a couple of years before I started to revive Fukpig

C: It was a friendly disbanded?
Misery: Yeah we are all still mates, we all still play together in different bands.

C: In whom personage Do you inspired for the name of the band?
Misery: My old boss called me a fukpig and told me I wouldn't amount to much. He was a cunt

C: How can you describe your musical evolution beetwen" Spewings From a Selfish Nation" and "Belief is the Death of Intellingence"?
Misery: We got a lot more focused, a lot more idea of what we are meant to be doing, and how we want it to sound.

C: Do you think that FUKPIG has founded a style of his own?
Misery: Nah its just d-beat crust, with added horror

C: and then What difference to FUKPIG from the rest of the bands?
Misery: We add more black metal / horror influences, but are still inspired by the same things

C: Is Necro-Punk your style?
Misery: Yeah, necro in the black metal style playing crust punk, so yeah Necro Punk.

C: Why did you choose the "self-production" way?
Misery: Because no one will give us money to make this racket, so we have to do it ourselves.

C: Are you disappointed with the whole music business?
Misery: The music buisiness can fuck off.

C: Do you think that the name of the "underground metal " is getting. Corrupted by MTV and multinational labels?
Misery: I really don't care, no fucker buys music anyway.

C: Did it cost you a lot of money to get such a good sound?
Misery: Yes

C: What do you want to express with your lyrical message?
Misery: We want people to stop being sheep and doing as they are told, we want people to look around and realize they don't have to do anything they don't want to, they don't have to do as they are told. We want people to stop watching the TV and go do something with their lives before they die.

C: and Specifically, which is the message behind the title of your second album "Beliefs is the death of Intellingence"?
Misery: Well, I think as soon as you put your faith into something and have that as your answer to everything then you stop trying to learn, you don't need to know about evolution, history or anything because you god will save you if you repent and don't sin. So that's what "Beliefs." is about. Think about things, work things out see links to things that people don't want you to know. There is a lot going on that we arent told. We are meant to do as we are told, keep bying crap we don't need, to make them richer. Well we don't need to do any of it.

C: Can you describe to the FUKPIG's public or followers?
Misery: I can't.

C: Please tell us about your live members (P)
Misery: Live members change for most gigs, the line up is Paul and Duncan, mick helps on the album. When we have a decent gig offer we ask people from other bands to help out, but no one knows who as our masks cover our faces.

C: on the same topic why do you use mask and what is the meaning of these?
Misery: The purpose of the masks is that nobody knows the identity of who's playing; we interact with a lot of live members for different shows. Is our image and you'll know inmediately that we are FUKPIG when you see our masks, so these represent the band.

C: Future plans?
Misery: More gigs, album 3 is recorded, 2 split singles this year. An album a year until we get bored and do something else.

C: Merchandise available?
Misery: Yeah, we have a shop at All the merch is stocker there, and only there. If you buy our CD, you buy it from us, we pack it, post it, and use the money for our next release. We don't take any of the small profit out for ourselves. This all pays for its self, eventually.

C: What can you say at the end of this interview to our readers?
Misery: Hello

By Roberto de Santiago

The Depths of Humanity
Demo 2001

Bombs of War
Demo 2002

Spewings from a Selfish Nation
Full Lenght 2009
Feto Reocrds

Belief Is the Death of Intelligence
Full Lenght 2010
Feto Records

Batcave Full of Bastards
Extended Play 2011
Devizes Studio

Split 2011
Metldown Records

Full Lenght
2012 Devizes Studio

with KROH
Split 2012
Devizes Studio

Myspace: Fukpig

Bigcartel: Fukpig

Video: The horror is here